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【AIP学粹集】英语写作:Natural Environment over Economic Development

2016.03.09 1315人阅读


Natural Environment over Economic Development

By:广美附中AIP高二 B班黄芷茵

It is not a secret that there is a boom in the economic development, which results in the aggregation of environment pollution. Undoubtedly, people need economic development. Natural environment is, however, getting worse with the prosperity of economy. Nevertheless, one should beware that natural environment is significantly far more crucial than economic development.


Initially,it is for the fact that humans are more closely linked to the environment than to the economy. Environment is the foundation of all living beings on earth. We breathe the air and drink the water; we obtain food from it; and we inhabit here. What the environment provides for us is necessary greatly, and furthermore, no one could be alive once leaving it. On one hand, it is true that human beings need the environment tremendously, however, on the other hand, they are virtually undermining it to realize the rapid development of economy. But it should be in conscious of that the economy can never bring us the necessities like air and water. Therefore, it is never too excessive to overestimate the importance of environment.


In addition, since plenty of factories are built up for manufacturing, emitting waste gas and discharging sewage without any considerations, the environment is consequently ruined. The sky of the cities is no longer as blue as that of 20 years ago, and the water of the rivers and oceans are not as clean as it used to be. What is worse, various sorts of animals are now endangered for the reason that their habitats have been destroyed by the contaminations of water and the overdevelopment of lands, causing the water losses and the soil erosion and desertification.


Nonetheless,that is not the end of the story. In turn, the environment repels human beingswith natural disasters from which people suffer tremendous injuries physically and mentally. They die from the disasters and some of their families have been teared into pieces irreversibly. The causes of natural disasters like most of the floods and droughts can be attributed to the worsening deterioration of the environment. In other words, people gain retribution for what they have doneand have been doing, and they can never get pay even from the booming economy.


According to above analysis, it is natural environment other than economic developmentthat we are pursuing. Thus, individual should recognize the essence of the natural environment and protect it from being thwarted.


麻辣鲜师Miss Q有话说

这篇是以A over B为题目的作文,范文本来是cats over dogs,比较浅显易懂的素材写作,黄芷茵选择对比自然环境和经济发展,属于雅思作文的范围,整个文章的结构清晰,在三个论点里通过不断对比自然环境和经济发展两方面来证明自己的观点,本文的单词量在高二年级的作文里还算比较大,另外通过使用不同的句型来展示句式的多变,总的来说,这篇文章值得大家学习一二。

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