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【AIP学粹集】英语写作:How To Live A Colorful Life

2016.03.09 1329人阅读


Dear fellow classmates

Today I want to talk about how to live a colorful life. Let’s try to make this topic as relaxing as we can, because each of us has different definitions of the word ‘colorful’. In my opinion, we should live as positively as we can and try to find interesting details hidden in the corners of the world such as getting yourself out of room someday, enjoying walking under sunlight, chatting with your close friends now and then and solving daily problems positively and so on. I can’t force you to totally agree with me, so let me just pick up some common advices which I hope can bring you to live a colorful life.

▲ Wendy颜惟依同学摄于英国

Firstly, let music stay around you. As for me, I think music is one of the most powerful inventions in the world as it makes our daily lives and oral speaking contents full of rhythm. From pop, rock, jazz, blues, classical, no matter what kind of music you like, you will enjoy turning your ordinary life into a wonderland according to music. Music gives people passion and motivation; as for that, it can ring you up when you feel upset; however, if you want to drown in melancholy or sadness, blues or country may create a strong atmosphere for you. Music can separate your body and your thinking to totally two universes. Tears can fall down when you immerse in sunshine; smile can shine brightly when you are surrounded by a fierce rainfall-this is how powerful music plays. This is what music can bring to you. 

▲ Wendy颜惟依同学在海滩

Next, don’t stop your feet from moving forward. Homes are built for us to live in, to calm down when we get into trouble, to stay in care and peace, to feel warm; whereas we spend most of the time exploring our own ways without families’ protection. We need to measure the world with our own feet, such as going to a travel, starting to attend a competition, joining a sport and whatever you like. Do not constrain yourselves and remember never stop moving forward. The most cherished photographs are those took by yourselves during your travelling instead of those downloaded from your laptops; the most strong and handsome figures are built by yourselves during your daily exercises but not the models’ showing up on the fashion magazines. So, always keep a mind to warn yourselves to move your feet straight to your targets----it’s OK for you to grab some cookies and ice cream in your losing-weight term, just do not simply renounce when you find the numbers on the weighing machine become bigger accidentally. So, keep moving forward, you will get slim and healthy bodies and see lots of fantastic views which the world exhibits to you. 

▲ Wendy颜惟依同学摄于英国

Last but not least, try to learn other knowledge as much as you can besides your own professional skills. The world is full of diverse knowledge, so owning comprehensive cognitive abilities can help you adapt to the society easily. Of course, you can pick up what you’re interested in-economy, environmental science, math, geography, physiology, business financial, music, etc. You don’t have to study as professionals but just to expand your eyesight. It’s meaningful for us to learn other knowledge in order to dig out comprehensive inspiration from other fields. Thinking about Da Vinci, he’s not only an artist but also a scientist and that’s why his paintings look so spectacularand marvelous to us nowadays-his talents built a unique field for him to create in aesthetics. The more things you learn, the more books you read, the more inspiration and creative ideas you can gain and more colorful the world you can see.

▲ Wendy颜惟依同学摄于英国

We should understand stably that a colorful life is not only to plan your daily life but also to improve its quality. Try your best and make your lives as ample as you can and these are all I can suggest you.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Definitions n.定义( definition的名词复数 ); 规定清晰(度)解释

Passion n.激情,热情热心,爱好热恋酷爱

Motivation n.动机动力诱因

Melancholy adj.忧郁的悲伤的凄凉的阴沉的

Immerse vt.浸没施浸礼沉迷中,陷入

Fierce adj. 猛烈的凶猛的,残忍的狂热的

Exhibit vi.公开展览某物展出

Diverse adj.不同的,多种多样的变化多的形形色色的

Physiology n.生理学生理机能

Comprehensive adj.广泛的综合的有理解力的,悟性好的; [保险业]总体担保的

Spectacular adj.场面富丽的,壮观的引人注意的惊动一时的惊人的

Marvelous adj.引起惊异的不可思议的非凡的神乎其神

Aesthetics n.美学美术理论审美学美的哲学

Miss Q有话说:Wendy同学的演讲稿子读起来朗朗上口,跟她平常的不断积累分不开,平常多读多写的习惯,决定她这篇演讲稿风格不古板,有趣;内容接地气,跟实际生活息息相关,字里行间看出她对生活的态度,上进、积极、正能量,在学习和生活中找到平衡,不失偏颇,但却乐于其中。

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